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Macaron 101 Class

Macaron 101 Class

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Learn to make French Macarons!
This is a fun small informal gathering where you will get hands-on experience. We will discuss the 3 different methods (French, Swiss, Italian), the ingredients, the options for fillings, the equipment, and most of all... the mythical “macaronage”! And then we bake.
Guaranteed to be fun! Just show up, bake... Leave with knowledge and a beautiful box of yummy macarons.

AUGUST 10th, 17th and SEPTEMBER 14th are sold out.
Still available: September 28th and October 12th.

• The class is in my home, in Thousand Oaks, CA.
• Classes are limited to 4 students maximum.
• The price is per person.
• Each student will make a batch of french macarons. They will choose the color and the flavor of their fillings. (one per student but students usually share their fillings for variety). You will leave with 36$ worth of cookies!
• The class is approximatively 3.5 to 4 hours long.
• I provide everything you will need (ingredients, equipment, final box). Just bring your apron!
• Present allergens in the house: dogs, cat, dairy and nuts

Bon Appetit and see you soon! -- Michele